The first step is removing the tree, the second step is stump grinding. Stump grinding is something that can be done after a tree has been removed from your property. After a tree has been cut down and removed there is still a stump left behind, typically known as a surface cut at this point.  Done properly, stump grinding eliminates all of the problems a left behind tree stump can cause. The only thing that remains is saw dust and dirt.  You may have a use for the dirt and saw dust mix but it should not be used on pH sensitive plants, or we can haul it off. Other than detracting from the overall look of your yard, tree stumps have been known to ruin mower blades, cause accidents, and harbor pests and insects.  

Typically we will grind the stump, and all visible surface roots, below grade (6-20 inches) giving you immediate use of your lawn. If a customer just wants roots ground down, we usually have to take the tree down also.  Once the roots are damaged that severely the tree usually won't survive.   You can then plant grass, put in your driveway or plant a new tree.

There are many reasons to take stump grinding seriously.  First of all, when children are in the younger year, you may not be paying attention to their surroundings which can lead to unwanted injuries.  Secondly stumps can be a problem to navigate around while doing things ranging from mowing to outdoor sports, not to mention that they are unattractive.  No one wants a stump sticking out of their nicely manicured lawn.     

When grinding stumps it is important to check with utility companies to mark all underground utilities.  

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